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Career, Job... How do I get one or a new one?

"I just need a resume to job search, right?"
Well, job search requires skills and you need to have a resume. However, there is more to searching effectively.

Whether you're a fresh graduate or a mid to senior career professional who wants to make a job transition, you will likely find the job search process to be a very stressful time.

There are four parts to improving a skill.
1. You have to want it for success or survival,
2. Regularly practice it,
3. Get feedback from others and,
4. Reflect on your own experience.

Regular practice means using updated and country specific strategies.
We help everyone who wants to thrive in the workplace.

Areas covered include:

  • Voice Coaching - *NEW*
    This programme covers physical exercises to improve confidence and reduce stress when speaking, practice in crafting and delivering your own "elevator speech", as well as tips for effective use of non-verbal communication such as posture, hand gestures and eye contact.
  • Career Counselling - *MOST REQUESTED PROGRAM*
    Remove mind blocks via our 3-phase program.
    1 to 1 interviews plus free psychometrics.
    - This service is designed for clients to move past job burnout.
    - Suitable for clients over 23 years of age.
  • Career Exploration - Early to Late Career
    Open up new possibilities or plan your later career step.
    1 to 1 interviews plus free use of psychometrics.
    - This service is designed to support clients wanting to explore beyond their comfort zone.
    - Suitable for clients who want to remain economically active.
  • Executive Coaching
    Strengthen your skills in your identified career.
    Choice of a 90-day program or hourly 1 to 1 interviews.
    - This service is designed to support career advancement.
    - The service can be an add-on to Career Counselling.
  • General Consultation
    Equip yourself with information on industry practices, employment law, approach to the Singapore market and pre-researched material, in the form of path finders.
    - This service is suitable for the exploration of employment opportunities, business opportunities, education & training possibilities and, career development in Singapore.
  • Resume Database SEO - E-Service
    Have your resume feature prominently to companies, head hunters and talent scouts doing targeted searches.
    - We redesign resumes and test searchability on up to 3 Singapore resume databases.
  • Resume or CV?
    Understand the purpose of the each, the different levels of screening by HR departments and how to make your profile friendly for the different target audiences.
  • Effectively identifying marketable skills
    Generate skill inventories based on previous jobs, experience, motivators and demotivators, then compare and match them with employer expectations.
  • Networking
    Understand the process, the use of tools and tool design, how to self advertise, form, join and effectively maintain networks.
  • The Interviewing Process
    Understand the purpose of the interview, expectations by all parties, techniques for face to face and teleconferencing and post interview etiquette. Also, identifying stress reactions and managing your individual response.
  • Salary
    Learn how to research, benchmark, position and manage expectations during the negotiation phase.
  • Working in gender centric organizations
    Learn about power structures, alliances and management styles of male and female bosses and subordinates; common mistakes made by men and women in interpreting environments and how to navigate them.
  • For Younger Audiences

  • Pre Streaming for 14-17y
    Get focussed via our condensed 4-session program.
    1 to 1 interviews with a student and both their parents.
    All sessions will be conducted at the student's residence, with at least 1 parent or caregiver present at all times.
    - This service is designed for pre-streamed students in school and the student's parents.
    - We suggest course combinations and study skills supports.
    - OPTIONAL: Exposure to different industries/ roles to gain career insight.
    - Suitable for teens.
  • Pre Careers for 18-21y
    Get focussed via our condensed 4-session program.
    1 to 1 interviews plus free psychometrics.
    - This service is designed for young adults just out of school and who are trying to decide on further tertiary study.
    - We identify courses of study and skills to build up, for a career path.
    - OPTIONAL: Industry Mentor matching.
    - Suitable for young adults.

Our Fees
- The initial phone consultation is free.
- Please refer to Fees FAQs for pricing.

Next Step
- To book the initial consultation, Contact Us.
- We will reply within 2-business days via email or arrange to chat with you over the phone or via SKYPE at a convenient time.
- We shall try to answer and clarify questions you may have.

Have Questions?
Do read our Career Counselling, Career FAQs and Testimonial pages.

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