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Rates for:

  • Career Counselling | Exploration
  • Employment Skills Coaching | Voice Coaching | Research
  • Executive and Leadership Coaching
  • Individual, Family Counselling
A: What are my payment options?
A: We accept:
- Cash,
- PayNow, PayLah (DBS) and PayAnyone (OCBC) to a mobile number,
- Credit Cards via PayPal (to a S$10 service fee applies.

An e-receipt will be issued upon request.
B: Career Counselling | Exploration

A counsellor or psychologist facilitates this program.
- Rates below are reserved for this program only.

- From 2009, we established a fixed, per session rate so clients would not rush through their experience and skip critical details that could provide them with better clarity.

Phase 1:
  • S$ 180 (Each 2-3 hour session)
  • Phase 2:
  • S$ 180 (Each session)
  • Phase 3:
  • S$ 180 (Each session)
  • Milestones:
    a. Start of each session: Session fee is collected.
    b. Phase 1 ~ End of 2nd session: Total number of sessions required are estimated; extra sessions can be arranged, as required.
    c. Phase 2 ~ End of final session: Coaching appointment date is set.
    d. Phase 3 ~ Executive coaching session is pre-booked at least a week ahead (held either in person or via Skype Video).

    - Free of chargeAll Psychometrics administered .
    - Executive Coaching (Phase 3) is a modular service and discounted for this program only.
    - Skype sessions (capped at 2-hours per session).
    - S$ 90: Daily session surcharge (for any session exceeding 3-hours).

C: Employment Skills Coaching | Voice Coaching | Research

Session or Time based rates apply.

  • Individual Consultation, including Resume & CV rewriting, Interview Practice, Networking and Skills Inventories
    S$ 180 - 2-hour session
    S$ 90 - Subsequent hour
  • Voice Coaching and Interview Skills Training
    S$ 180 - 1.5-hour session
  • Research
    Free - Initial Topic Scoping
    S$ 48 - Each hour (Using secondary sources)
    Research topics to include latest government initiatives, industry initiatives, education resources - selection and recommendation, HR/ employment trends, mental health topics etc
D: Executive and Leadership Coaching
6 Top reasons Leaders Seek Coaching

Two options are offered:

  • Our program - Each session:
    S$ 400 - Executives | Entrepreneurs | C-level
    - Personalised coaching sessions,
    - Our coaches make house calls in SG or "meet" via Skype Video / FaceTime chat,
    - Two (2) sessions will establish a baseline,
    - Subsequent sessions can be arranged weekly or, as required,
    - Sessions are prepaid.
  • 90 Days to Career Success by Celsim
    US$ 4,000 [payment by instalments is available]
    - Our psychologist has validated their program.
    A referral discount applies if you sign up via us.
E: Individual, Family Counselling (Personal | Interpersonal)

Session based rates apply.

    Family service centres (FSC) located throughout Singapore offer counselling services for individuals and families who are either Singaporean or SPR.

    We suggest that our clients use community provided resources, if they are able to. An example would be to visit the KTP Hospital's THRIVE site for both information and resources available in Singapore.

    For others, we assist both individuals and couples with: PTSD, managing anxiety conditions, including wanting to forge better relations with family or friends.

    Our principal therapist mainly uses cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT).
  • S$ 180 - 2-hour session (Individuals); S$360 - 2-hour session (Couples).
  • We also maintain a roster of counsellors operating their own private practices and serve a broader spectrum of mental health conditions including, depression and trauma counselling.
  • S$ 160 to S$ 200 - Hourly consultation

Our current processes have been tested and validated by our clients themselves, with some choosing to leave comments.

Need Other Information?
Do read our Career Search, Career Counselling and Testimonial pages.

Next Step
- To book the initial consultation, Contact Us.
- We will then communicate via email or arrange to chat with you over the phone or via SKYPE, at a convenient time.

This shall be to see if our programs match your needs and to answer questions you may have, that are not covered here.

We can also design and facilitate career health talks and workshops for groups.
Write to our corporate services at

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